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We have been publishing
Kerameiki Techni International Ceramic Art Review since 1987.
In its 18 years of existence, our magazine established itself as one
of the most important ceramic journals internationally - subscribers in 98 countries.

At the beginning of 2005, we have transformed our periodical into
a new media composed of two parts:

clay in art international – yearbook

Published at the beginning of each year, with insightful features,
reviews, articles, interviews and criticism, this high quality publication
constitutes an exclusive annual record of the current international trends
and developments in the field of contemporary clay art.

Portraits of world - renowned and lesser - known artists
Introductions of up - and - coming new talents
Reports on major events and exhibitions
Interviews, opinions and criticism
Highlights of the year – special chapter

Elegant graphic format, hard cover, cloth bound, high quality volume, 240 pages, 25 x 29 cm
Are in circulation the 05/06 and 06/07 editions.
The forthcoming 07/08 edition will be in circulaton from March, 2008

inserted in the yearbook, each year, our readers will find the
annual yearbook supplement cd-rom
An exclusive digital document that complements the contents
of the yearbook with additional visual representation.
It includes the following sections:

Articles’ supplement
Artists‘ profiles

The contents of the CD-Rom are all-new material in addition to that
which appears in the Yearbook.

online clayart international magazine

Images and information from Exhibitions, Competitions, Expositions,
Art fairs, Symposia and other Events held all over the world.
An innovative source of online news, presentations and updates
that follows the current developments in the clay art field introducing
a new dimension for art, information, communication and interaction

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